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All fic links will take you to wherever it was originally posted except in certain cases(i.e. major revisions), everything is also posted on this journal but this post will still link to the first postings. If you want to navigate this journal check the Tags everything posted here is tagged into oblivion.

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Title: Forged A Warrior
Rating: PG
Words: 1075
Fandom: Thor (2011)/ Thor Comics
Relationships/Characters: Sif, Thor, Loki some Sif/Thor
Summary: She was not always the goddess of war.
Notes: Mostly gen. Originally for [ profile] boosette's fandom stocking posted here. Somewhere along the line I forgot to post it here as well.

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Title: If I Knew Another Way
Rating: PG
Words: 1083
Fandom: The Avengers (2012)/Thor (2011)
Relationships/Characters: Sif & Thor, Sif/Thor unrequited if you look
Summary: A gift before Thor's travels to Midgard.
Notes: Minor spoilers to Avengers, I suppose. Nothing major, all pre Thor's appearance in the film.
This is a product of me fixating on the differences in Thor's armor this film. In some shots the bracers looked like Sif's therefore this happened.
Also at Ao3

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Fandom: Thor (film)
Song: King and Lionheart by Of Monsters and Men
Rating: PG I suppose
Pairing/characters: Sif/Thor <3
Warnings: Awesomeness? May cause feels.

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aka where did this come from I blame the music

Fandom: Thor (film)
Song: Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye (edited down for time)
Rating:PG I suppose
Pairing/characters: Sif/Loki
Warnings: More of a breakup vid (Or fight perhaps?) than a happy vid fyi. As if these two do happy well

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massage – foot rub
Eskimo kisses
Christmas – baby's first
Animal rescue
baby – shower

Author: [ profile] theoreticalpixy
Fandoms: Star Trek (AOS & TOS) [Pike/Number One]
Schmoop: cuddling by the fire, amusement park, neck kisses, soulbonding, massage – foot rub, Eskimo kisses, Christmas – first, serenade, candlelight sex, Christmas – baby's first, Animal rescue, memories, looking at star/WILD CARD, cuddling while sick, kiss, cuddling with pets, pets, pregnancy – first ultrasound, cuddling in vehicle, massage – erotic, de-age (physical), wedding, feeding – erotic, singing, baby – shower

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[ profile] boosette is entirely to blame for this. Even though she didn't know I was drawing it. BUT STILL.
What: oh god I drew something.
Who: The Lady Sif from Thor (Movieverse) I wante dot try in her in some proper norse style earth garb but then this happened? IT'S SORT OF VIKING.
Etc: Happy Birthday Boo. Also someone take away my photoshop.

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What: a bunch of Art for [ profile] spockchick's awesome startrekbigbang fic Chapel & Priest: Husks
Mix found Here! by [ profile] i_am_32_flavors
Who: Scotty, Charlene Masters, Gaila, Chapel, McCoy, Uhura and Porthos. Art is gen.
Rating: PG
Etc: Combination of hand & digital. I had way too much fun with these and kept making more, they were just a dream to do. ♥


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I am all to glad to finally post this.

Info is for Art Only, not the fic:
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Pike, Number One, Kirk, Spock
Warnings: Tiny bit of blood?

The accompanying fic by [ profile] ariadnechan can be found Here!

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Title: History Repeating (Seen it Before)
Ship/Characters: Pike/Number One, Boyce, Kirk, Spock/Uhura, McCoy,
Canon: AOS & TOS
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Notes: This was joint project with [ profile] taraljc for shipwars 2011. Concept and outline of the vid was totally her doing, I just put it together and expanded/adjusted as needed.

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Ship/Characters: Gaila!
Rating: PG at most
Warnings: none
Notes: Originally made for shipwars 2011 Event 1 mixer.

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Words: 160ish
Rating: PG-13/R depending on your imagination.
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One
Summary: One didn't see the problem.
Warnings/Notes:AOS. A bit silly. Was random commentporn (minus much actual porn) Here at [ profile] st_respect

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Title: The Codeword is 'Yorktown'...
Summary: Speakeasy/20's AU. Come on in and have a drink.
Ship/Characters: Pike, Number One, Boyce, Barry - interpret at will
Rating: PG
Warnings: Crimes implied in the running of a speakeasy.
Notes: much credit to [ profile] boosette for the initial idea and much enabling with pretty pictures. Originally made for the AU prompt for shipwars, unused.

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Title: Set Fire to the Third Bar
Summary: Working out the distance
Ship/Characters: Pike/Number One, Boyce/Barry
Canon: AOS
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some sexual content.
Notes: Originally made for shipars, prompt was 'Angst'.
Music is Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol, clips are from Star Trek (2009), Republic of Love, and NCIS. I own none of these. For the purposes of this vid Cait Barry is played by Lauren Holly and Number One is played by Emilia Fox.

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What: Art
Who: Chapel. Implied Chapel/McCoy
Rating: PG
Etc: Just an image I couldn't get out of my head...

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Title:Maps of a Compass Rose
Words: ~8,100
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One
Summary: Dystopian/Pirate AU
The fragmented records of a fragmented courtship between two parties that should never have courted according to the rules. Thankfully neither was very good at the rules.
Warnings:Violence, sex, (mostly offscreen) torture, spoilery: pregnancy
Notes: Companion/prequel/shares a world with If We Lived And Were Good by [ profile] _samalander. Arguably can be read alone but reading hers is advised and will definitely give a fuller world view/understanding as this piece is rather micro focused on this particular relationship.
This has existed in varying ways since the rp that invented this verse and has expanded and changed a LOT since. I'm glad it can see the light of day. Many thanks to my [ profile] startrek_diary ladies.

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Words: 1200
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing/Characters: Pike/Number One
Summary: They weren't going to make it.
Warnings/Notes:AOS. Porn. Angst. For pikeone bingo prompt "sex: we're gonna die!"

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Words: ~500
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Number One, Cait Barry
Summary: Number One likes her cosmetics.
Warnings/Notes:AOS. Cait & One gen/friend fic. Brief allude to Pike/One. From the [ profile] newoldskool snow day comment fest; prompt 'lipstick'. Makeup porn is a good way to describe this.
Originally Posted: Here

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What: Art, digital
Who: Number One
Rating: G, gen
Etc: Character portrait. Excuse to work on my digital painting...

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Fandom: Twilight
Song: Handle with Care by Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
Pairing/characters: Jasper/Alice
Warnings: Not really. I own nothing!

Awarded: At the first round of [ profile] twilightvidawds


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